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Listen To Your Shoppers With Advanced Marketing Tools - Cue Connect

Create Complete
Shopper Profiles

With Advanced Reporting Suite you will have a single source for a comprehensive site-wide view of who your shoppers are and what their purchase intent and product interests are. Identify unanimous shoppers and create a seamless omni-channel shopping experience for your customers.

Connect Shoppers With Items They Care Most

My List provides a centralized and organized view of all the items a shopper desires including their social activity, conversations, and friends’ trending items and word-of-mouth. With My List, your shoppers can easily share their favorite products, connect with their friends and family, and receive real-time notifications when their favorite products go on sale.

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Provide a Seamless
Sharing Experience

Don’t let typical sharing tools distract your shoppers and interrupt their journey. Leverage the Cue Experience Marketing cloud to deliver frictionless, Amazon-like shopping experiences for your customers, keeping them connected to your site. Our sharing tools enable shoppers to save their favorite products, send one-to-one communications, and share directly to the most popular social networks.

Create Proximity-Based Engagement

With our advanced Cue Proximity tool, you will know what your customers are looking at within your brick-and-mortar locations, and will be able to send them appropriate offers and messaging as they browse.

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