Data you can take anywhere

Reach your eCommerce goals with Cue’s flexible data integrations that work
with the marketing tools you’re already using day-to-day


Give meaning to your analytics platform by tying your web data to real profiles. Compare product page visits with saves and shares to see where your highest conversions live and connect anonymous data points to the individuals who visit your website with Cue’s advanced reporting.

Product Reviews

Combine your product reviews with the social proof customers need to make a purchase. With Cue you can show a shopper what their friends and family think about your products, giving them the validation they seek before becoming a customer. Show shoppers you’re popular in their network.

Email Marketing

Personalize your emails beyond a customer’s name and ensure your messages reach the right people at the right time. Cue’s Reporting Suite allows for easily customizing and exporting hyper-specific audience groups based on things like actual interest and the products they really care about.


Separate the signal from the noise. Cue’s advanced profiles let you retarget shoppers specifically with the products they care about. Serve customers only relevant ads and see a higher return on your advertising investments. Build lookalike audiences for social networks based on ultra-specific criteria.


Impress your customers with how well you know them. Use Cue data with the information in your CRM to learn about your shoppers beyond demographics and location by including product interest and browsing behavior. The complete profiles you build with Cue let you turn your shoppers into loyal customers.

Rewards & Loyalty

Reward your loyal customers along with your repeat visitors. Using Cue tools, you can show your appreciation to the shoppers who engage with your brand long before they make a purchase. Convert more than the 3% targeted by most rewards and loyalty programs.

Integrate Cue with your entire marketing stack